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[NOTE]:  Your membership or subscription does NOT need to be a 7-Day JUMP START.   We are only using it as a "concept" to demonstrate a "one-off" membership purchase. Your program can be whatever you create or design. 

Maybe... you've never been physically active beyond your high school gym class. 

Or, maybe you used to workout...

But, along came life, a job, a family....  or whatever it was that caused you to sacrifice that special workout time.

Deep in your heart-of-hearts you've always known you were going to get "back at it" when the time was right. 



Listen... the hardest part of starting up a workout routine is, well... getting started.

So, the best way to get started with anything is to just break things down into manageable  "chunks."

It's just 7 DAYS.   

Are you up for a little challenge?


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Let's Get Started

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This 7-DAY CHALLENGE  is a collection of workouts designed to get you moving and feeling really good about yourself.

Each day you'll target a specific muscle group and then finish off with a little cardio to get your blood pumping.

It's a short-and-sweet program designed to introduce some easy, at-home, physical activity back into your life. 

Plus... if you're on the road traveling or on vacation you can simply login and workout at your own pace... anytime and anywhere.

Finally, this program is available to you forever.   

There's no time limit and if you decide to move up to a higher level program, you'll be totally prepared. 

You'll be amazed at how empowering it feels! 


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There is NO CHARGE. [Sample Button] 

Unlimited Use
- Just $19.99


In Just 7-DAYS...


You'll feel energized and rejuvenated

You'll sleep better and feel refreshed

You'll feel less stress and tension

You'll feel stronger

You'll experience a sense of wellbeing

You'll have started a new journey!

Click on the button to view the "membership purchase flow."
There is NO CHARGE. [Sample Copy] 
Unlimited Use
- Just $19.99


What they say about the 7-DAY CHALLENGE...

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I look forward to my 7-DAY CHALLENGE workouts! I have always known that exercise was important. What I did not understand was how significant of a role consistency plays on my overall health and wellness. Now, after using the 7-DAY CHALLENGE for over a year...  I am much more fit than ever. The workouts are challenging and fun! 

Kelli K. 


I'm on the road all the time for my job.  Working out with the 7-DAY CHALLENGE has been AMAZING!  It's so refreshing to know I'll be able to squeeze in a workout whenever I want and wherever I land. Plus, it's fun.  I don't really feel like it's an exercise program.   I highly recommend if you are serious about changing how you feel and look.

Ron J. 


I love the 7-DAY CHALLENGE!   I never liked to workout.  I was always too tired and too lazy by the end of the day to get to the gym let alone actually work out.   But, with this program I can go at the pace that I'm comfortable with.  In almost no time, I was looking and feeling so much better.  To anyone who feels too lazy or tired  — I say get off the couch and do it!

Susie L. 



Click on the button to view the "membership purchase flow."
There is NO CHARGE. [Sample Copy] 

Unlimited Use
- Just $19.99


[NOTE #1:]  A good LANDING PAGE should include RECOGNITION of your prospects' current situation (pain points) as well as the FEATURES and BENEFITS of your program(s). It should also include TESTIMONIALS and/or BEFORE & AFTER photos from clients.   

Click on the link below to download a CHECKLIST of what you'll need for a solid landing page.  Once you complete the required elements, we'll format your all of your pages into a beautiful, professional "member's only" program.


[NOTE #2:]  Consider a Facebook or other Social Media PRIVATE GROUP as an "added-value" to your membership.  We can add the links to your membership site at any time. 


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